Past Life, and Death

A secluded cabin in the wintry woods When I was five years old, I started having a recurring dream. I had this dream often until in the sixth grade I finally wrote it down and submitted it as a school project. I remember waking up terrified, crying, and not understanding what it was that I … Continue reading Past Life, and Death

On a Dark, Dark Night

Strange things happen on old country roads at night Anyone who grew up in the Hamilton, ON area will be familiar with The Hermitage Ruins in Ancaster. It’s a conservation area located on Sulphur Springs Road, and is home to the locally famous ruins of the Leith family home. Everyone knows that the grounds around … Continue reading On a Dark, Dark Night

The House in Thunder Bay

What's creepier than a scary basement at night? Dear reader, if you’ve ever been on a paranormal investigation, you’ll know what an EVP is. (Electronic Voice Phenomenon if you don’t.) I used to carry a micro-cassette recorder with me whenever I went out “hunting”, and then I’d spend hours sifting over the mostly silent recordings, … Continue reading The House in Thunder Bay