The Ghost in Spider House

Did I mention I’m terrified of spiders???

I’ve been investigating houses and businesses for years, and there has never been a shortage of stories to tell. But it wasn’t until I started cleaning houses (like scrub the floors and toilets!) for a living that I realized just how much energy houses hold onto.

Last summer, I was sent into a home on Rymal Road that had been empty for several years to prepare it for listing. From the moment I walked in the front door I was reluctant.

Have you ever entered a place and just thought “NOPE!”, and high-tailed it out of there? That was my instinct, but it was my job and I had to do it.

Dirt and broken bricks were strewn inside the front porch, paint was peeling from the door jambs, and I can’t bare to discuss the number of spiders that were living in the corners. The house was like one out of a terrible thriller.

My team and I entered into the foyer to find wall to wall thick red carpeting covered in a layer of plaster dust and thick cobwebs hanging along every wall. The farther into the house we moved, the heavier the energy became. As an empath, I could hear sobbing ringing from the walls.

We toured the house together, the three of us, deciding who was going to tackle which area. None of us was thrilled about any option! I could not stay in that basement for more than a moment, but the upstairs was even worse. Every single room in this house rang with sadness and despair.

I volunteered to clean the main floor bathroom, a rusting, decaying version of its prior self, mainly because it was the room with the least creepy crawlies in it. I set my bucket down and began to scrub the neglected tub, and a chill went down my arms and up my back. It sat buzzing at the nape of my neck, telling me that this was not residual energy in my presence. Someone was in the room with me.

I closed my eyes and sighed; this kind of thing happens on a regular basis, but I was with a new team and they didn’t know about my…talent? Curse?

I whispered “Who’s there?”, and waited.

A woman began speaking frantically, in a language I didn’t recognize. She was waving her arms around and crying, pleading with me. This is one of the hardest things about trying to help spirits in need: if I can’t communicate with them, how can I help them? This woman obviously wanted my help.

I tried to tell her that I couldn’t understand her, that I didn’t know her language, and she seemed to get it because she stopped talking and started pointing at the mirror above the sink, and then the tub, and then the baseboards. She motioned for me to scrub these areas, and then palmed her hands together in the universal signal for “please”.

I nodded and turned back to my scrubbing, and she disappeared.

It took me a good hour and a half to clean that tiny bathroom. We were only supposed to be doing a cursory clean because the house was most likely going to be demolished by any potential buyer, but I understood that the woman I’d met desperately wanted me to CLEAN it, so I did.

As I was packing up my supplies, I heard a shriek and turned around to find her in the doorway, hands over her mouth, eyes beaming and brimming with tears once more. She hugged me, or I should say “hugged me”, and spoke very quickly and excitedly again, pointing at the newly cleaned fixtures, and especially at the baseboards. She clasped her hands to her chest and sighed, said one more thing to me, and then she was gone. It was like a rushing breeze being sucked out of the room, followed by a feeling of long overdue peace.

It took us a few hours to prepare that house for the estate agent, but after that bathroom was done it didn’t feel quite so heavy. The ringing sobs had stopped.

I knew, although I didn’t speak her language, that the woman had been a previous owner who was distraught by the state of her home. She’d been despairing in that house for who knows how long, wishing for it to appear as it had when she had proudly maintained it. It hurt her so much that her sorrow bled from the walls. All she’d needed was for someone to see her, understand her despair, and take care of her home.

Energy seriously affects our houses, seeping into every nook and cranny. Whether it’s an earth bound spirit like this proud woman was, or residual energy piling up from our daily stress/arguments/unhappiness, EVERY house needs to be cleaned.

Sometimes the negative energy accumulating in the corners is harder to clean out than the cobwebs and dust. Please make sure you are maintaining your home energetically as often as you do physically, and if you don’t know how to do it, ask for help!

A home free of negative energy and/or spirits that need help crossing over is a happy home, even with wall to wall red plush carpeting! 🙂

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