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There’s nothing quite like reading a good old-fashioned ghost story…especially if it’s true.


Just a Girl Who Loves Ghost Stories

I’ve been talking to the dead since I was a little girl. While they sometimes come to me in daylight, they seem to prefer to talk at night, in the dark. My familiar, Toothless (named after the dragon; his dental hygiene is aces!), has grown so used to them that he barely lifts a whisker when the temperature drops and my hairs stand on end signaling a presence.

As a child, I was taught that my recurring nightmares would stop if I wrote them down. Mom was right~! It became a habit to record all of the spooky things that were happening to me, and eventually the fear gave way to fascination. Who knew that not everyone saw dead people?? Follow me here for new content as I relive past memories, record fresh dreams and paranormal encounters, and take pictures with my demanding cat in my backyard office!

Featured Stories

Every month I post one story from each category for you to enjoy. Check below for the newest tales from True Stories, Nightmares, and Paranormal Encounters.

Featured Stories – June 2021

True Story

The Cemetery That Never Was
This story challenged my belief in my own sanity for decades.


Helen’s Story – part 1
I had this recurring dream between the ages of 9-12, when I finally wrote the first version down on paper.

The Paranormal

The House in Thunder Bay
In 2003, I lived in a tiny house in Port Arthur, Thunder Bay. There was something unnatural in the basement.


Kate has been writing about life, the universe, and everything else for a very long time. She’s 684 in cat years, and counting.

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Hamilton, Ontario

“Life’s too short to take the easy route. Scrape your knees and elbows, get your hands dirty, lick the sidewalk. Normal is boring.”

-Kate Dejonge
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